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Abnormal phenomena in the reactor shall be stopped immediately
Nov 07, 2020

Pay attention to explosion proof when installing stainless steel reaction kettle to ensure good ventilation. After the reactor is installed, nitrogen pressure shall be maintained to ensure that there is no leakage before starting the work. If leakage is found, use soap bubbles to find out the leakage point of pipe mouth and pipeline, find out the released gas and tighten the nitrogen pressure. Often should pay attention to the working condition of the equipment and gear reducer, gear reducer lubricating oil is insufficient, shall be immediately added electricity heating medium oil should be replaced every six months, the jacket and pot superior part of the relief valve, pressure gauge, distillation, electric heating rods, electrical instrumentation and so on should be checked regularly, if there is a fault to instant change or repair, the equipment need not when, must be full with warm water in the container inside and outside wall cleaning; Often scrub the pot body, keep the appearance clean and inner bright, achieve durable purpose.


During the operation of the stainless steel reactor, it must be checked intermittently. If abnormal phenomena are found in the reactor, the operation should be stopped immediately. The positive arch metal bursting disc should be adopted for the maintenance safety device in a timely manner. If it is blasting, it shall be replaced again, and the replacement period shall be determined by the using unit according to the actual situation of the unit. If the blasting pressure exceeds the designated bursting pressure of the bursting disc but does not burst, it shall be replaced. If it is frequently used, it shall not exceed 80% of the lower limit pressure of the bursting disc, and it shall pay attention to the upward convex surface of the bursting disc when replacing.

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