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A variety of stainless steel tank reference price
Dec 26, 2017

Stainless steel storage tank is not only a corrosion-resistant storage steel tank, but also for everyone to use the relatively high cost of this basic storage container, we can from some commonly used stainless steel storage tank to prove this price. Look at the market of stainless steel tanks about how much money?


Stainless steel tanks are very classified, from the shape of the distinction, but also from the pressure point of view, and more from the use of classification. Different types of stainless steel tanks of different characteristics, applications, different, and even the price there are some differences.


The survey found that the normal stainless-steel fermenter prices in 0 ~ 1999 yuan; high quality is generally 200 ~ 5499; even higher. The price of stainless steel food cans generally 0 to 100 yuan; a little better price of 150 to 200 yuan or more. There are stainless steel Greek storage tanks, the price is generally divided into 0 to 2,000 yuan, and two levels of 3,000 to 5,000 yuan.


The price of emulsion stainless steel storage tank ranges from 0 to 5,000 yuan, and the price of better quality is higher; pharmaceutical stainless-steel storage tanks are usually 0 to 200 yuan, but some of them have to reach over 500 yuan; Stainless steel tank prices generally more than 4,000 yuan.


Of course, such a price range can only be used as a reference, different brands, different manufacturers specify the sales price of stainless steel tanks are also different. When we choose, the price is only one of them, the more important thing is the quality and performance of the stainless-steel storage tank.

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