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A hybrid heat exchangers efficiency device
Mar 03, 2021

(1) Cooling tower In this kind of equipment, natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation is used to cool the water whose temperature has been raised in production and then recycle it to improve the economic benefits of the system. 

(2)The gas scrubber uses this kind of equipment in industry to scrub the gas for various purposes to remove dust in the gas, humidify or dry the gas, etc. 

(3) Jet-type heat exchanger In this equipment, the fluid with higher pressure is ejected from the nozzle to form a high velocity. The low-pressure fluid is introduced into the mixing chamber and directly contacts the jet for heat transfer, and enters the diffusion together. The tube is sent to the user after the outlet of the diffusion tube reaches the same pressure and temperature. 

(4) Hybrid condenser is generally used to condense steam by direct contact between water and steam.

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